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HSN / SAC Code : 06039000

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       M.O.Q: 1000 PCS/10 Qty. Free Shipping through DHL courier
Quantity:            1 Qty=100 Pcs Flower Head
Mixing:                Mixing in size and styles applicable in proportion only.
Proportion:        4cm-50%, 6cm-40% and 8cm-10%
Example of Packaging Qty per Box:
Flowers will be flat packed in loose/Poly Bag to the master carton and separated by paper layer in each design and  size.
4cm Flower       -5 Qty
6cm Flower       -4 Qty
8cm Flower       -1 Qty
10cm Flower     -1 Qty

Available in various sizes are approximately 4cm, 6 Cm, 8 Cm and 10 Cm in diameter. Sold as a set of 100pcs pack. Any colour can be done.

Sola flowers are the affordable, eco friendly way to preserve your memories and floral arrangements forever. Sola flowers add elegance to rustic wedding décor and go well with any style - any season. Best of all, these flowers never die!

Sola wood flowers are made from tapioca plant. Each individual sola flower is handmade, so no two will look exactly the same. The natural color is ivory, but it can also be brown if the skin of the plant was used to make the flower. Sola wood flowers are great for weddings, home décor, and DIY.

These sola wood flowers are an elegant must have for your special occasion! Sola wood flowers are great for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, anniversary parties, and the list goes on. Use them in centerpieces, bouquets, cakes, corsages, boutonnieres, photo frames and wreaths.

The flowers are loose and unattached. These are not fresh flowers but they are made of very soft, flexible wood, namely the tapioca tree. Some brown pieces of bark may be on some of the flowers due to being made from the bark of a tree. These are not hard, hand carved wood flowers. No chance they will ever wilt. You can easily attach floral wire or a bamboo stem to the bottom of the flowers to create floral arrangements.

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Product Specification
Type Convection
Material/Size/Color/Pack/Qty Sola Wood-Balsa Wood- tapioca plant//4Cm,6Cm, 8Cm and 10Cm in diameter//Natural White-Flowers are loose and unattached//50pcs Flower head//100pcs=1 quantity
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